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All Seated in a Barn


ᴅᴏɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴs ᴄᴀɴ ʙᴇ ᴍᴀᴅe ᴠɪᴀ: VENMO @asiabRescue UNDER CHARITY

#horse #rescue created by All Seated in a Barn with ’s Drilla
I cannot tell you how many times I meet people or get questions like “what’s wrong with them?”, “so they are all worn out or crippled?”, “I didn’t know a rescue horse could be so amazing”.. it’s MIND BLOWING.

The general public’s interpretation of a ‘horse rescue’ or a ‘rescued horse’ is a place where old and unrideable horses end up. Neglected horses end up. Horses that need a soft landing, but that can’t move on to do anything else. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, the truth is that what I’ve found is that a lot of these horses, there absolutely is a reason they wound up where they did with 99% of IT BEING HUMAN CAUSED.

Every horse, just like every human, comes with a past. They come with a story. They come with trauma. We all do. Life isn’t butterflies and rainbows, it’s just not. THAT doesn’t make any one of them any less worth a second chance, a helping hand, a mental break, a dignified passing, retraining - the list goes on.

Humans failed them - our job as rescuers is to do our best to figure out WHO they are, WHAT they need, and HOW to set them up for success the best way we can. To learn from them so that we can set other horses up for even greater success.

Rescues can still have second careers.
Rescues can love just as big and hard as a non rescues.
Rescues can still compete and go on to kick butt!
Rescues can still make amazing companions.
Rescues can do anything any other horse can do, they just need US, the rescuers, to find out what their best route for potential is ❤️
This is hard to watch, yet sadly this happens every single day at Auctions and Kill Pens around the country. THIS is what we, as rescues, both domestic and wild horse, are up against. Keeping them from having to go through THIS. It’s not okay. This video just shows the lack of regulation. The no fcuks given to the horses and donkeys, AT ALL.

I’ve named him Everett - meaning brave. Something this horse exudes. He’s always been special to me.

When I saw them bring in the semi truck of unhandled stud horses from the Arizona Indian Reservation - my heart sank. My brain immediately goes to how can I help atleast a couple of them, knowing full well their fate will be purchased by the Kill Pen and sent to a Mexican Slaughterhouse. The odds of anyone taking on these horses, financially, and with the ‘know how’ is slim.

He stood staring at me waiting his turn. His eyes were so direct I couldn’t help but walk over near him. He stood, waiting shaking, just staring at me. I walked over and picked some grass and offered it to him. He turned his head. I just stood patient. It was in that moment he turned, ate the grass from my hand and let me let his nose. I grabbed another handful of grass. He ate, I gave him a few gentle touches and walked away, knowing he was next. I video’d to tell his story. To tell THEIR stories. The trauma they go through is sickening. They lose their homes. Their families. Their lives. They are trailered from one place to the next with the majority ending up killed. ITS NOT OKAY.

I promised him that day his bravery would pay off and make a difference. I promise I will do more to help the horses like him, on deaths row, have their lives back. It may not be as a free and wild horse and what they all deserve more than anything, but they will have it back.

I’ll be heading back to the Kill Pen and Auction next week with a goal of saving 100 lives in December. Your share. Your donation. It will all help us make a difference for them.
#horses #saving100
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