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Ms. Alison Joseph, NP


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Here’s Dad (80 years young) and Mom (75 years young). What does advocacy mean when you love them so hard? ❤️‍🩹

Its challenging to watch them get older and face ailments both acute and chronic. As a Nurse Practitioner 👩🏽‍⚕️and a Nurse 🧑🏽‍⚕️advocacy is something I am trained in. Transitioning to daughter and advocate is a delicate balance.

People often struggle with the concept of advocacy and feeling heard 👂🏼. So what do you do⁉️

1. ✅Write the story so you can share it written or verbally to the nurse or provider.
2. ✅Organize your thoughts
- What’s been happening? (Pain in the left arm with numbness)
- How long has it been going on? (2 years but now worse for 2 weeks)
- What have you tried? (heat, Motrin, acupuncture)
- Any red flag concerning symptoms (weight loss, fever, redness, drainage).
3. ✅Pertinent history (fall, tick bite, cancer in the past).
4. ✅What are you concerned about? (Believe it or not we know a lot about our own bodies or those of our children, partners, etc).
5. ✅Most importantly, be careful of your words, be gentle and save the anger. These things are often forgotten when there’s a state of anxiety worrying about yourself or a family. **Remember that your provider and nurse actually go into the field to take care of you and want you to do well and be well.** However, it is very anxiety provoking to take care of somebody that sick. Having a heart-to-heart discussion with your provider and nurse really do go a long way to feeling truly heard. Be confident you can come up with a plan together. Also know the plan can evolve and discussions can continue.
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