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5 Fun Must-Visit Attractions in Tokyo: 1. Disney Sea 2. Art Aquarium Museum Ginza 3. Tokyo Joypolis 4. Big O Ferris Wheel at Dome City (Karaoke)  5. TeamLab Planets (see previous post for more details)  Art Aquarium Museum Ginza is open daily from 10am to 7pm. Buy tickets online in advance. Allow at least an hour to spend here 🏮 Tokyo Joypolis can be done on the same day as TeamLab Planets (close to each other) You can buy tickets on entry 🕹️ Karaoke Ferris Wheel at Dome City cost 820 yen per person and you can have your own private cart to sing your heart out 🎤 Check out my 7 Day Japan Itinerary Ebook (link in bio) that will help you plan the most epic Japan trip! 🇯🇵  #tokyo #tokyotrip #tokyotravel #tokyojapan created by Alika with Alika’s original sound
Ban Gioc Waterfall is located along the Vietnam-China border, being the largest waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest in the world 🌎

★ The best time to visit is during dry season (October - April) to avoid heavy rainfall and for sunny days. In the dry season, you’ll notice the water is green, while during the rainy season, it tends to be brown ☀️

★ There are 3 ways to get there from Cao Bang town: You can either book a tour, rent a scooter and drive their yourself or take the local bus. The local bus departs every half an hour starting from 6am. Tours only allow 1 hour 30 minutes to spend at the waterfall and since it was the highlight of our trip we didn’t want to feel rushed so we took the local bus. Keep in mind that the last bus returning from the waterfall to Cao Bang leaves at 4:30 pm. The bus ticket costs 85,000 Dong per person, and you can catch Bus 3 or Bus 7, both of which will take you to the waterfall. The bus journey will take around 2 to 2.5 hours 🚌

★ The entrance fee to the waterfall is 40,000 Dong and I would allow at least 2-3 hours here 💰

★ You can take a 10-minute raft ride up to the waterfall, which costs 50,000 Dong per person and is absolutely worth the experience 🛶

★ Ensure your phone time is set to Vietnam and not China (which is an hour behind) to stay on schedule. My phone switched to China time as soon as I reached the waterfall 🕛

★ It’s advised to keep your passport handy, although we were never asked for it. It’s just a precaution since the waterfall is located near the border 🛂

#bangioc #bangiocwaterfall #caobang #vietnamtrip
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