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Ali Abdaal


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Deep Dive Season 6

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I recently recorded one of my favourite interviews ever - it’s with Sheehan Quirke, otherwise known as The Cultural Tutor. 18 months ago, he was working as a maintenance man at McDonalds.

Now he’s got 1.5 MILLION Twitter followers on his anonymous account where no one knows his real name, or what he looks like. And he’s become inundated with book publishing offers, with celebrities (including Elon Musk) in his DMs because they love his writing so much.

The story’s wild - one day, when he had to turn down spending time with his friends because he had a shift at work, he decided enough was enough, and that he was going to realise his childhood dream of making a living as a writer.

So he decided to start a Twitter account. By posting a thread every single day, he grew to 100,00 followers in 6 weeks. And now he’s on 1.5 million, and he continues to write a thread everyday, exploring history, architecture, music, cinema and everything else related to society & culture. It’s incredible.

His writing routine is fascinating: He wakes up at 5pm (yep, PM), irons his shirt and trousers, puts on his tie, smokes a pack of cigarettes, and then wanders around the streets of London for hours until inspiration strikes.

When it does, he runs back home to his laptop, opens up twitter.com and starts writing directly into the “New Tweet” window. 2-10 hours later, he’ll have written a tweet thread exploring his latest fascination. By this point, it’s around 7am, and he watches the sunrise before going to bed.

Absolutely bananas. Can’t wait for you guys to hear the conversation.
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