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Wildlife hospital in Alberta 🇨🇦 📞Wildlife hotline: 403-946-2361 🖥 aiwc.ca

#SundaySkunkday ! We have had quite the influx of striped skunk kit patients recently, we currently have 13 kits in care!

The primary reason for skunk kits coming into care is that their mother has been relocated. With the mother gone, the kits go hungry and start wandering out from the den to look for their mother and food.

If you find a skunk den in your yard the best thing to do is leave them be until the kits grow up and leave the den. Once they are gone, if you don’t want them coming back next year, be sure to seal up the area!

The natural diet their mother provides is best for the young kits and their foraging instincts. With our skunk kits in care we try to offer them as close to a natural diet as possible. This includes raw dog food, egg, additional fruit and vegetables, mice, and worms!

To help provide for these little guys you can donate through the link in our bio!
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