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Alan Peddle


Offering Values-led coaching centred on your goals. www.alanpeddlecoaching.co.uk

Another life lesson from my cheese loving dog 🐾

At the same point of the day, every day, my dog Rufus waits for us to tidy up after dinner, and then he prepare his daily routine. He gathers up his blanket of choice, he waits for us to look like we’re moving into the lounge, and then he leads the way, blanket in tow, to settle down with us.

Watching him every day trotting into the lounge, and just enjoying his routine makes us so happy…and him too!

So what can I take from this? Perhaps a couple of things;

🐕 Take comfort in familiar things - I personally know that I don’t need new and exciting things in my life to know I can enjoy a moment. Familiarity to me is comforting, peaceful and calming. Don’t get me wrong there is always space for a new gadget or 2, but when it all comes down to it being comfortable is what really matters the most to me, and that comes with familiarity.

🐕 Routines are beneficial - Finding a routine that works for you, and fulfils your daily or weekly needs can be so powerful. I have often gone through parts of my life trying to force a routine, or something in to my day that just doesn’t feel right; like running in the evening, or working (also in the evening). Stop, reflect and think about the routines that really work for you and your needs. Are they comfortable, do they take too much effort and energy? Do you feel like you “have to” do something, rather than “wanting to” do something? For me, I now love to run in the morning because I want to do it at that time, I want to get out to enjoy the world and set my mind up in the right way for the day ahead.

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, so I hope you enjoy my dog, and I hope you can relate.

Have a great weekend

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Our first experiences of being coached leave a lasting impression.

I remember being pushed out of my comfort zone early on in my career, in the very first role that I did at Argos. If I am really honest, I didn’t believe at that point that the corporate world and the office environment was one that was suited to me.

My manager at the time was exceptional at keeping 1:1’s in the diary and always seemed to prioritise her people. She was also always present. For me, self reflection and having time to talk about myself wasn’t something that I was used to. But I wanted to impress, and eventually progress.

These conversations took place in a safe environment, and my manager was so in tune with what I wanted to say, that I began to explore what may be holding me back. The topic that I wanted to explore on one occasion was building my confidence in speaking to people who I didn’t know. It was an important one in the workplace, and increasingly now out of it.
So we worked through my beliefs, how much importance I had put behind it, and eventually worked through a goal that I would have at least two conversations with people that I wouldn’t usually speak to.

The first; a lady in a queue in Debenhams which seemed the most unnatural, but humorous after all. The second; speaking to an elderly gentleman who had sat next to me at the football time and time again, yet I had never had a good conversation with.

I won’t bore you with the details of the conversation, but the importance for me was in the positioning of the coaching conversation. To empathise, to understand, to establish importance, and to challenge. And probably the most important elements of all; to be present and turn up consistently.

Great conversations really do stay with you. My thanks to my manager then for the lasting impression their style had on me

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Intrusive self-talk is difficult to handle 🤯

The voice in my mind seems to wait until the worst possible moments, times of weakness to lay into me. Just when I know things are difficult at work, when I’m struggling with parts of my personal life, or just when something like a DIY task goes slightly wrong, there it is waiting to pounce!

🧠 “You can’t possibly handle this Alan”

🧠 “Why haven’t you spoken to them about it yet, are you scared?”

🧠 “You’ve gone and bought the wrong tools again Alan, you’re rubbish at this”

Working against these thoughts has been difficult. Busying myself just made them louder, and more spiteful

I’ve come to the realisation over time that my mind isn’t going to change. It will keep talking to me…who else is it going to talk to? So I’ve learned that I need to get along with it.

Sitting with my thoughts and feelings more is something that I’ve started doing for a year or so now. Sit and listen, don’t toil away. Face into the suggestion at the heart of the message your mind is telling you, and just sit with the emotion that it invokes.

Mo Gawdat brilliantly explains in his book “That Little voice in your head” that sitting with an emotion rather than fighting it, or even sitting with something that you want to say rather than just saying it can help you to just explore that feeling and emotion more thoroughly.

In fact this is also something that I actively encourage in coaching sessions. Sit with that thought that your having and how does that really feel? It can feel unusual, but can be really powerful in getting to the bottom of clients’ thoughts and beliefs

Don’t fight it…sit with it

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