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AK Watch Maker ⌚️


⌚️Watchmaking, Fun & Watches 🇵🇹from Portugal 🚀👩‍🚀🪐to Infinity and Beyond


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Why are watch fairs not for you?
I mean for the customers.
We agree that normally a fair is a festive and joyful event with meetings and entertainment. So logically in watchmaking, it should be a place where you see watchmakers working on watches and where you can chat with brands, see never-before-seen watches… and even buy some.
Well, not really!
Watch industry loves money.
Watch fairs are moments of encounters with those who bring in money. And who is bringing the money? well, it's not you, it's first and foremost the distributor. It is true that with its 40 shops it will be able to buy more watches than the private individual.
It is then the press or the bloggers or the youtubers, those who in exchange for a few tickets, will go and preach the good word on the superb new watch. Well ok, they don't all do advertorials, I admit I'm exaggerating.
Finally, there are the social clients. Ah.. finally I'm talking about customers so … well still not about you. A social client is someone who has 200,000 followers on Instagram and who is quite famous. At least enough that his IG post wasn't just seen by Aunty Jacqueline.
I can assure you that these shows are open to the general public. For example, entry to WW in 2023 is $77 per person for one day. It's more or less the same price as Disneyland, except that you're not going to have fun. Because yes the watches you can see them, but you will not be able to buy them, because we only sell to professionals.
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Replying to @alejandrozubietam 😉 watch challenge next part. Always start with easy watches.. and then… 😱 please tell me in comment your result so i can adapt the difficulty of the next challenge.
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And you do you have a Rolex ?

Shit ! I'm 50, almost 51, and I still don't have a Rolex! Yet it was off to a good start, I am a watchmaker and I even worked at Rolex!
In 2009 Nicolas Sarkozy was President of France. This president has been talked about a lot, whether for his politics or for his bling-bling lifestyle. Fan of yacht trips, pretty women and luxury watches. At that time we were in the middle of a crisis... and things were going badly with public opinion.
In this regard, the publicist and king of slogans, Jacques Séguéla, said a sentence which has become the most famous of his entire career: “How can one reproach a President for having a Rolex: “A Rolex! Finally! everyone has a Rolex... if at 50 you don't have a Rolex, you've still wasted your life!”
Well damn then! Do you have a Rolex? If so congratulations! If you have a swatch... well Shit then!
On the one hand Séguéla says something right, there is nothing wrong with being successful. And no harm in showing off his wealth. Rappers love doing it and no one blames them. And then we must not forget that the prices of the rolex how below 10,000 €, while those of the richard mille is...
No, the real problem is defining success in owning a particular watch. But “What is a successful life? What is happiness ? » and there we all have a different answer...some see happiness in a peaceful family life, others in fame and others in Rolexes…. In short, I am only a watchmaker, not a philosopher.
Especially since it is increasingly difficult to be able to buy a Rolex. And…
#watchmaking #watchmaker #akwatchmaker #watchcollector #watchcollection #rolexwatch #seguela #jacqueseguela #sarkozy
Replying to @AK Watch Maker ⌚️ watch challenge part 2. Always start with easy watches.. and then… 😱 please tell me in comment your result so i can adapt the difficulty or the next challenge.
#watchmaker #akwatchmaker #watchcollector #watchchallenge #watchgame #watchcollection #watchmaking #independentwatchmaker
Jumping hours is a simple complication that was imagined in the 1830s by the French watchmaker Blondeau for the king of France. The time is displayed in a large aperture on a disk which turns abruptly. Every 60 minutes: Hop it jumps.
Originally, the minutes continued to be indicated by a hand that circled normally. This way the hours are easy to read. They are displayed in a precise way, whereas the minutes… Well at the time, nobody cares. In the 19th century, what matters is knowing when it is 10 and not when it is 10:10. We came on horseback or in a carriage, we had no way of warning of a delay… the time was much less precise and much more extended.
From the 1920s, we see this complication appear in wristwatches. Whether at Audemars, Cartier, Vacheron...
The idea behind my most famous watch, the warp, came to me because I came across a batch of AS Shield movements with this complication 15 years ago. In my case, I chose to do jumping hours and sliding minutes. And I complicated my life with the seconds which are on a drum in the axis of the crown...but that's another story for another video.
You can make jumping hours and jumping minutes.
It is a disc that spins with each jump. We therefore have 1 disc in a jumping hour, and if we make jumping minutes: 2 discs, or even 4.
Besides, in my new watch, I imagined a mechanism…
Yes ! Alright, I'll let you know when it's time.
#watchmaker #akwatchmaker #watchmaking #independentwatchmaker #watchcollection #watchcomplication #jumpinghours #jumpinghourwatch
This video is not against anyone, it’s just our point. 🙏🏼

What is an ecological watch?
Because ecology is important, many watch brands are stepping into the breach.
We are told about ecology in terms of materials:
We have watches made from natural materials such as wood, or from recycled materials such as fishing nets or recycled steel. Yeah ! Because it’s known, before, metals were thrown away! (especially gold 😉 ) More original, we have watches with edible packaging: swatch had fun selling its watches in tapioca and potato… and speaking of food, some brands call themselves vegan. (yeah it's downright nonsense, after all it's known there's chicken in my rolex ...)
We also talk about ecology at the production level. The manufacture that pollutes little, or the brand that favors short production routes. Nothing new under the sun: Swissmade, made in France, made in usa… names that brands have been using for a long time because because it’s made at home it’s synonymous with quality… (Come on!)
On the other hand, little is said about the movement. It's less easy. Less sexy, more expensive to manufacture and less obvious for the consumer… And then, oops… there are the oils… the solvents… And… Those pesky batteries… Yet the majority of watches sold in the world are battery-operated electronic watches…
In short, I come to the facts: the autoquartz watch.
When you were a child, maybe you had a bicycle with a headlight connected to a dynamo? There, the rotation of the wheel turns the dynamo which provides electricity for the light. Autoquartz works the same way. There is an oscillating mass, actuated by the movements of the wearer of the watch. It activates a small dynamo whose energy is stored in a capacitor to power the movement. Kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.
Seiko has developed many calibers of this kind since the 1980s.
The watch therefore does not require a battery. Taddda... And this time we really have a cleaner proposal.
Another type of watch with an eco-friendly movement is the solar watch. I promise I'll talk about it soon.
#autoquartz #ecologicalwatch #kineticwatch #watchmaker #watchmaking #greenwatches #akwatchmaker #gretathunberg #watchcollector #watchcollection #watchcomplication
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