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18+ years in sports • Often only female in the room • @moyal_ent #WomenInSports

@Ruth B Medrano did it again for #ESPYs week. A look into HMU two weeks ago ❤️

Day One ✨️
• Foundation - Armani Luminous Silk Shade 8
• Concealer - Armani Luminous Concealer Shade 8
• Shadow - Scott Barnes Snatural eye shadow pallette, Risqué, Saucy, Brickhouse
• Lips - Charlotte tilbury liner and color
• Mascara - Loreal Voluminous Waterproof in Black
• Brow - NYX brow with R+Co brow gel

Day Two ✨️
• Foundation - Armani Luminous Silk Shade 8
• Concealer - Armani Luminous Concealer Shade 8
• Powder - Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Perfecting Powder
• Lashes - Ardell 421
• Lip - Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Shade - Liv It Up

#WomenInSport #GRWM #Makeup #Hair #HMU #MoyalMade
#Blessed this week for the ESPYs. More to come.

📍@uninterrupted Athlete Party
@lsesselmann10 is a HALL OF FAMER... again!

Purdue will celebrate the new class of the Leroy Keyes Purdue Athletics Hall of Fame on Feb. 19 during the men’s basketball game, and will include Lauren in their class induction #WomensSports #WomenInSports #Soccer #Football #Fútbol #WomensSoccer #WomensProSoccer #OlympicSoccer #OlympicWomensSoccer
Life has been insane and I haven't posted a #kitten update in a while. Wednesday is doing amazing and loving her new home, her kitty brother, and her new life. This is her currently, making muffins of gratitude. Thank you to everyone who supported us taking in this little starving stray. Extra thank you to @leajohns @yanadelreyyy for convincing me to take her home. She brings us so much joy ❤️ #KittenRescue #Cat #CatRescue #Wednesday
#stitch with @nadiaaddesi

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got. Take care of your inner peace, everyone.

#Advice #Work #Corporate #Employment
The NikeLA Legacy Summit in Los Angeles was three years ago this week and it's effects continue to touch my life #tbt

I've met industry folks who remain connected. Learned valuable tools to traverse a competitive sports space. I still rock the kick ass gym bag we all got. And it's was my first introduction to @littlewordsproject The more and more I wear my bands out, I get stopped to be asked "what are those," allowing me to share my story of #UNAPOLOGETIC and how it started here with Nike LA and Little Words.

It's silly to say how much one little bracelet has mattered so much. Grateful for experiences like these and the connections we make through them ❤️

#LittleWords #NikeLA #Sports #WomenInSports #Athletes #Empowerment

PS. If you want your own Little Word click my link in bio in IG @ ajmoyal for a discount 🌟
Replying to @ajmoyal We are keeping the baby girl and renamed her Wednesday. With this find is an unexpected amount of expenses; initial check-ups, vaccines, digestive medications, flea treatments, special food, spaying her, getting her microchipped, and other items all involved with taking on a new baby animal. If you are able, we set up a GoFundMe and hope some of you might be able to contribute to the success of this forever babe. We appreciate any support and are grateful to have friends who follow us along our animal journeys. https://www.gofundme.com/f/found-a-stray-kitten-expenses?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 @cinespiala #catsoftiktok #kittensoftiktok #stray #rescue #Halloween
Replying to @fat_blind_ninja She went to the vet and got a good-ish bill of health. No diseases, but underweight, some bathroom issues and fleas. All being treated. #stray #catsoftiktok #rescuecat #kitten #kittensoftiktok
Found a kiiten at the cemetary after watching Carrie at @cinespiala She was desperate to go home with someone, outside on the street coming up to everyone waiting for Ubers. Stuck her in my sweater and she passed out. Took her home ❤️ #catsoftiktok #rescue #stray #straycat #found #Halloween
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