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AJ Aluthwala


⚡️CEO of KallistoTech⚡️ ⚡️https://linktr.ee/ajaluthwala⚡️


Entrepreneurs fail all the time. New business ventures, hiring decisions, outsourcing, customer relations, marketing, sales, day-to-day operations, and financial planning, to name a few.

As we fail, we learn not to repeat the same mistakes. If you are failing every day, that creates a toxic environment for you and folks around you.

When #@KallistoTech first started, we jumped right into
#appdeveloment production activities without a full scope of the app we plan to create. After a few lessons learned, we now spend a whole lot of time creating a Requirements Specification Document that spells out the functionality of the system from start to finish.

This step alleviates any misunderstanding and sets the precedence for both our clients and our technical team to be crystal clear on expectations. No, "he said this" and "she said that" in the future.

KallistoTech is committed to making app development projects successful. Years of experience help us to curb any failure points and guide clients through the shortest path from starting the app dev project to successfully launching the app in #appstores .

#AppDevelopmentExpert #AptiCode #MobileApps