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Steps of hand washing for thorough cleaning:

Make sure to complete all the steps below properly to ensure safe and clean hands.

Step 1: Wet hands and apply soap
To initiate the process, wet the hands with clean water.
Take soap to cover the hands and wrists; use enough to create a good lather.
Avoid using hot water to prevent drying of the skin.
Step 2: Rub the palms together
Rub both hands in a circular motion.
Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise consecutively.
Step 3: Rub the back of hands
Rub the back of the left hand with interlacing in between the fingers with the right hand.
Swap and use the same technique for the left hand.
Step 4: Rub the back of the fingers
Clasp the hands, while they face each other, interlink the fingers, and rub the backs of the fingers against the palm of the opposite hand to deep clean them one after the other.
Step 5: Rub and clean the thumbs
Clean the thumb by wrapping the right hand over the left thumb and rubbing rotationally.
Once done, swap and do the same with another thumb.
Step 6: Rub and clean the tips of the fingers
Rub the tips of the fingers over the palm of the opposite hand in a circular motion.
Do the same with the fingers of the other hand.
Step 7: Rinse the hands
Rinse the hands and wrists thoroughly with clean water.
Pat dry the hands.
Use a hand lotion or a cream after the wash to prevent dryness of the skin.

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