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Armilla Henry


Mom 👩🏽‍❤️‍👨🏿- the plug 🛍️ - awkward dancer 💃🏾- 🧠 mental health advocate



Reflecting on yesterday y’all and it’s been bittersweet. Ugly crying on the couch. 18 years ago I became a mom and have winged it every step of the way. I had only ever heard and seen examples of motherhood being a birthright, a joy, something to be desired as part of my womanhood but postpartum depression hit me like a semi truck after Amani’s birth and I felt none of the storybook feelings I had known about. The struggles were mostly silent because I was too embarrassed and ashamed for having a hard time connecting emotionally, not being able to be present mentally and just not feeling any type of “normal”. I couldn’t recall her milestones when asked, I missed a lot because I just didn’t know how to function. I do remember some moments here and there, verbally reminding myself if we can just get through today, we can try again tomorrow and the next day. Literally taking it day by day. I know that because of my unresolved traumas and mental illnesses that my daughter will need therapy to address things that weren’t her fault and that makes me incredibly sad. But when I look at her I admire her strength, her love, resiliency and passion and it lets me know she’s still going to be ok. I’m grateful for the lessons she’s taught me and how we’ve essentially grown up together, and I know that as she paves her own path in adulthood that she’ll do great things because of her strong will and determination to be everything I couldn’t. Amani I love you, happy 18th birthday! . . . . . . . . . . #unfilteredmotherhood #unfilteredmomlife #beatingmentalillness #raisingkids #parentingunfiltered #momblogs #wemadeit #blackmentalhealthawareness #blackmentalhealthmatters #silentstruggles #ihopeididokay #alwaysandforever #momvlogs #momblogs #postpartumdepression #intoadultlife #honestmotherhoodintheraw
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