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Liz Batten


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Resistance bands

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Love my @Drink Update ❤️ Finally found a energy drink that doesn’t give me anxiety! No sugar and no caffeine! #energydrink
🎧 A little blurb from @TSC Him + Her Show interview with @maxlugavere

The data is starting to show that having a high VO2 max, having really high cardio respiratory fitness, and having high strength and muscle mass, is more strongly associated with a longer life, than anything else, including diet. - Max

What is VO2 max? The measure of your body’s ability to consume and utilize oxygen during exercise.

This is what I’m starting to hear a lot more of, focusing on that V02 max and zone 2 cardio and the research is there to back it up. If you’re doing weekly ELF workouts I got you👊🏻 and if you’re working out incorporating strength training and HIIT you’ve already got this covered if you’re following a program.

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