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High-level Meta Ads strategist & Host of The Resilience Factor Podcast

So, you've put tons of time, effort and money into growing your #EmailList - but are you really taking advantage of it?

I know a lot of people get nervous about emailing their list too often, but I'm here to tell you you should be emailing your list year-round. Here's why...

👉 #Visibility = Stability

Staying visible keeps you top of mind for your audience.

👉 Relationships = Stability

Nurturing your list and fostering a relationship with your #audience creates trust.

You should be emailing your list 2-3 times per week and at least 1 of those emails should be an offer of some kind like a sale, invitation to book a call with you or even an affiliate link to an offer or product you love.

If you're providing value 50% of the time like free resources, tips, podcasts, books, personal stories that they might relate to and then the other 50% of the time your presenting them with an offer that allows you to monetize - that's a really good balance to have.

Don't make the mistake of neglecting your list. Take advantage of the time, effort and money you put into growing it and start nurturing and selling to them every week.

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Let's talk about launch timelines. A question I get asked a lot inside Powerplayers Club is "Adrienne, I have a launch coming up, when should I start running ads?"

First things first - when running ads for a launch, using a summit or a challenge, you want to give yourself plenty of time to be able to test things and see how they are doing so IF you have to make changes you have time to do so.

I like to start my ads 3 weeks before my event.

This gives me plenty of time to see how my audiences are responding to the ads and how my landing page is converting.

If I need to swap creatives or test new ad copy or make changes to my landing page because I'm not meeting the KPIs I want then I have time to do that.

Typically people start running ads 7-10 days out from their event and when you do that you're putting yourself under the gun to get it right from the start. It leaves zero room to make improvements or changes if needed.

3 weeks is the golden number. You won't feel so much pressure and you'll have plenty of time to make changes and crush it with your launch.

If you need help with your launch ads or want to talk about ad strategy - we can do this on our next Q&A Call inside Powerplayers Club! Just tap the link in my bio to join.

🔖 Save this video so you have it handy when you start planning your next launch!

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Is your #business struggling to stay relevant and visible in today's noisy world?

#Visibility = #Stability

It's crucial to keep your business in the spotlight year-round and the best way to do that is with paid ads.

You can choose organic social media and post content regularly to try to stay visible, but the truth is that's normally not enough to cut through all the noise.

#PaidAds help you stay top of mind with your audience, 365 days a year, building trust and confidence along the way.

When people see your ads consistently, they are likely to assume a level of competence and success, helping them to choose YOU when they're ready to buy.

Are you currently running ads year-round? This is your sign to start.

#FacebookAds #instagramads #marketingstrategy #digitalmarketing #paidtraffic #entrepreneur #businessowner
Are you tired of your #FacebookAds not performing as they should?

You’ve invested so much time, money and energy but still not seeing the results you expected?

Well, the problem may be simpler than you think!

Many times, the proper #pixelplacement can be the difference between success and failure.

I’ve seen it all - clients with one #pixel on #Facebook , a different one on their funnel, and even missing standard or aggregated events. These small mistakes can greatly hurt the performance of your ads and leave you feeling frustrated.

If you need an #expert set of eyes on your ads, to ensure everything is set up properly, join me in Powerplayers Club! On the Q&A calls, you can share your screen with me and I can double-check that your pixel set up is set up for success! Tap the link in my bio to learn more.
The #1 reason #FacebookAd Accounts get banned: making false claims.

When you use words in your ad copy like ‘guaranteed’, ‘always’, ‘every time’ or ‘forever’ or claims such as ‘lose 30 pounds in 30 days’ or ‘make seven figures in 6 weeks’ - Facebook considers this a claim and will deny your ads or shut your ad account down.

Getting your #AdAccount shut down means you’ll never be able to use that domain again and you’ll have to start from scratch setting up a new domain, new ad account, new pixels, etc.

The best way to avoid this is by staying compliant with Facebook’s ad policies.

💪 Pro tip: Google ‘Facebook Ad Policies’ bookmark them and keep yourself updated on the latest changes. Remember, it’s your responsibility to stay informed and keep your ads compliant at all times.
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