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UK residential dog training and worldwide online training Www.adolescentdogs.com

Whilst it’s amazing to find something your dog is super-motivated by, having a bit of a ball-obsession is something we see a lot in dogs. If your dog is jumping up, barking and pulling to get at their ball, or perhaps even stealing balls off other dogs at the park, then we’ve got some great advice for you.

Ditch the mindless repetitions of fetch, these cause arousal spikes in your dog, not to mention the sprinting, turning and abrupt deceleration can really damage your dog’s joints! Instead do ball searches instead.

All you need is your dog, their ball and some long grass. If your dog doesn’t have a reliable “wait” and you have someone else with you, they can hold your dog whilst you hide their ball in some long grass, alternatively tie them to a nearby tree or distract them with some treats scattered on the floor. Then simply hide the ball and release your dog to find it! This version gets the dog’s nose working lots and this physical AND mental enrichment will tire your dog out much quicker too!

In our “Freedom challenge” we have some differing versions of this, including ways to make it easier/trickier for your dog so you have that all-important engagement when out on your walks!

❤️ Hit that like button if you found this helpful and head to the link in our bio to find out more about our “freedom challenge”

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With more confidence, training will go a lot lot smoother we promise! However, there is a delicate balancing act of not overwhelming your dog with too much all at once, and not causing conflict by doing things such as tempting them to go near “scary things” with food etc.

Negotiating this balancing act is something we can help support you with! If you’re welcoming a new puppy, or an anxious older dog, you can join our Online Academy before you even bring your new furry friend home. You’ll benefit from our Puppy Diaries videos with a useful shopping list, first night home advice and what to train every day for the first 4 weeks! We also have lots of enrichment and confidence building ideas for you to do with them.

If you’re ready to transform your dog’s behaviour and to feel confident taking your dog with you anywhere, then now is the time to make the change and to join the Online Academy and the thousands of dog owners worldwide who have already taken the leap and achieved amazing results with their own dogs. Alternatively, consider residential training, where your dog lives in a family home, receiving intensive training to help put their best paw forward.

It’s never too early or too late to train your dog. The best time to get started is now, before those unwanted behaviours get more ingrained and harder to undo.

Confidence building exercises will help build that bond between you and your new puppy/rescue dog or older anxious dog.

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Having a new puppy can feel overwhelming at times, especially when you’re reminded of how important socialisation is, how you have to get it right, how you need to be teaching your puppy x, y and z right now 🙈

And then… just when you feel like you’ve finally got it all sorted… adolescence hits! It’s a really tough time for dog owners, and it’s absolutely crucial that you get it right in order for your dog to grow into the well-behaved adult dog you’ve always dreamed about.

Having a trainer alongside who can offer support and reassurance can make all the difference. Even for people who have had dogs in the past, an adolescent dog can present new challenges and we’re left wondering what’s going on 💭 . Knowing you have a trainer who can listen and advise can really help in those tricky moments.

🐶 Training classes can be invaluable in this sense, they provide you with a group of people in a similar position (i.e. adolescent dog owners!) and a trainer who has experience with teenager dogs.

However, classes aren’t suitable for everyone and not every dog can cope in a class environment, so seeking help in other ways can be equally beneficial. 💻 Online training classes, one to one lessons and residential training can often be more beneficial since they can be adapted to suit your adolescent dog’s individual needs.

🥰An experienced trainer will be able to guide you through the challenges of adolescence, they may be able to spot early signs of problems and offer guidance on how to work through any potential problems. The earlier you can notice warning signs, the easier it will be to manage and resolve issues before they progress.

🙋‍♀️If you’d like some free advice for your teenage dog, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help!

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With such long waiting lists for assistance dogs from registered charities, it’s no wonder many people consider whether they could train their dog themselves.

Our mission is to help as many owners as possible to turn this dream into a reality, providing top quality training they can follow from home, along with our personal support and coaching, so that they can train their own dog to become an assistance dog for them.

We also have residential training available so that your assistance dog starts their training off on the right paw!

We support a wide range of disabilities including:
​-Physical disabilities (wheelchair users, POTS, EDS, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Scleroris, ME, Spina Bifida, Cerebal Palsy, Spinal Injuries, Brain injuries, Strokes, Amputees etc)
-Medical support (Diabetes, Seizures, Addisons, Allergies, Blood Pressure, POTS)
-Psychological support (Autism, PTSD, Disassociative Identity Disorder))
-Hearing support
And we are constantly adding new content and you can request specific video tutorials to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in our online academy for owner-trained assistance dogs, residential training to help train your dog task behaviours, or our medical alert dog workshop, check out our website (link in bio)

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We have lots of advice for managing multi-dog households (we should know- we’ve got lots!🤣) on our Online Academy and some free tips on our website. We can also give you lots of help if you are introducing a new dog to your current one.

🐕🐩🦮🐕‍🦺Adding a second dog to your household, or a third or fourth (… or more!) requires careful consideration and planning. First consider:
-💥Dogs can feed off each other’s behaviour. Some dogs will be more easily influenced than others, so you may be lucky and have individuals who aren’t affected by each other’s behaviour or you may have one who quickly responds to the other.
-🙉The dogs may have different triggers, one could be fearful while the other is excited, one may be completely neutral on their own but react when the other dog starts to bark.
-🐾Prepare to work with each dog individually and break down the behaviours into small steps before working with the dogs together.
-⚠️Dogs aren’t always consistent and predictable, things can change with age and experience, so just because they get along great for months or years doesn’t mean that won’t change at some point. In some cases, it only takes one fall-out to trigger long-term issues which aren’t always fixable.

Having multiple dogs provides so many benefits to both humans and dogs in the house, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t necessarily easier or less work, it depends hugely on the combination of individuals and in some cases it will be double the work and double the stress! However, we can certainly set you and your dogs up for success- get in touch today by DMing us or emailing us at info@adolescentdogs.com

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