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aditiloveridge 🏳️‍🌈


Speaker, Coach, Charity Founder👇🏾 Pregnancy & Infant Loss | Miscarriage | TFMR



To tend to a broken heart, we need to connect to it.

I believe connecting inward is the
#1 foundational step to healing after miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Ceremony saved, and continues to save my life.

For me, having a committed ritual allows me to connect to my true spirit (my inner knowing/intuition). The true me, under all the labels.

Here are some tips to create a ceremony/ ritual that connects you back to yourself:

✨make it a committed daily practice
✨because it’s a daily practice it should be short (under 5 mins) and SIMPLE
✨whatever you create, it must resonate with you (self ritual is deeply personal)

My practice has changed many times through my journey. Currently my practice is lighting incense and breathing it in for a few short breaths💨

Do you have a ritual of your own?

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Emphasis on #1 ! Pregnancy & Infant Loss(PAIL) coaches provide a sacred space of support that society doesn’t. If you want to become a certified PAIL coach join our next cohort!
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