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Adwoa & Solomon | Art Couple


🌍African Mythology & Folklore | Art | Storytelling 💌studio@adeche.com



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We sold our painting of The Ibeji! Can’t wait for it to get to its new home🥹🫶🏾

The Ibeji is the name of a Yoruba
#orisha who represent twins, our depiction of the #ibeji is of fraternal twins 🤍🖤

The first born twin is named Taiwo and the second Kehinde, however Kehide is spiritually older, sending Taiwo into the world to check if it is safe to come out.✨

#mythologyart #africanart #africanmythology #twins #blacktwins #mythologytiktok
Replying to @blackgirlsaregod thank you so much🥹 We turned our paintings into illustrations!! It was so fun experimenting with @procreate on this one🎨🤍

Look at that shine🤩 our Holographic Prints are available now on our site!✨

Limited stock available🫶🏾

What other painting of ours would you like to see turned into illustrations? We’re thinking Aziza for sure! 🦋🧚🏾‍♀️🧚🏾‍♂️

#africanmythology #mythologyart #orisha #blackart #afrofuturism #mythology #orisa #mythologytok #shango #oshun #oya #ogun #orunmila #eshu #afroart
Have you heard of the Ibeji?☯️

This is our depiction of the
#orisha ! We decided to go for fraternal twins who represent complete opposites in every way from gender to skin tone. 🫶🏾 What do you think?

This is the second time we’ve painted the #ibeji and we love how it looks!🎨

The first born twin is named Taiwo and the second Kehinde, however Kehide is spiritually older, sending Taiwo into the world to check if it is safe to come out.✨

Alsooo did you know that the highest rate of twin births are said to be in Benin? Many people link these births to the Yoruba people, who can be found in #benin as well as in #nigeria and #togo 🇧🇯🇳🇬 🇹🇬

Tag a twin in the comments!🖤🤍

If you’re a twin and would like this painting (or a print of it) comment below and we will dm you a special code for a discount✨

#mythologyart #africanart #africanmythology #twins #blacktwins #orishasyyorubas #mythologytiktok #mythology #ibejis #ereibeji #orishas
Have you read any of these yet? 📚
It’s about time we did another one of these! Let us know if there are any others we should add, our library is growing🫶🏾

This year we’re reading more black / African fantasy🥹✨

⚠️(Please watch out for the trigger warnings mentioned in our vid!)
• Vagabonds - Eloghosa Osunde
• Raybearer & Redemptor - Jordan Ifueko
@Jordan Ifueko
• Things They Lost - Okwiri Oduor
• Witches Steeped in Gold - Ciannon Smart
• The Monsters We Defy - Leslye Penelope @Author L./Leslye Penelope
• Skin of The Sea & Soul of The Deep - Natasha Bowen @Natasha Bowen
• Black Leopard Red Wolf & Moon Witch Spider King - MarlonJames
• Women of Myth - Jenny Williamson & Genn McMenemy @Ancient History Fangirl
• Children of Blood and Bone - Tomi Adeyemj @tomiadeyemi
• African Myths of Origin - Penguin Classics @Penguin Books
• African Myths Collection - Jake Jackson
• Encyclopaedia of African Religion - Molefi Kete Asante & Ama Mazama
• Adinkra Symbols - by us🥹 (pre-order link in our bio🫶🏾)

Enjoy and happy reading!✨

@Waterstones has copies of most of these books in the UK🧡

#africanmythology #fantasy #bookrecommendations #booktok #mythologybooks #fantasybooktok #blackbooktok
Replying to @Jon Cornejo so true!! We would love to see a @Marvel Studios series about the Orishas!😅

@Marvel Entertainment @Disney hit us up!👀

#africanmythology #orishas #shango
#stitch with @Angella Summer Namubiru YES there are SO MANY black fairies🥹✨

#africanmythology #africanfairies #blackfairytok #fairycore #fae #faerie
Replying to @Pilot 🌱 thaaank you! We have lots of new content coming🥹🫶🏾

#asaseyaa and #nyame are key figures in the traditional religion of the #ashanti people, a major ethnic group in #ghana 🇬🇭

In Ashanti #mythology , it’s said that Nyame and Asase Yaa had two children: Bia and Tano

Comment below if you’ve learnt something new today!🫶🏾✨

And follow us as we explore more African #deities and pantheonsthrough our art! #mythologyart 🎨✨

African Mythology Goddess, Storytelling Movie, Visual Storytelling, Narrative Storytelling, Storytelling in english, African Lore, African culture women, African tribal culture, Ancient Greek Mythology #fyp #africanmythology
Replying to @Jen thank you so much! We’re glad to be on this journey and sooo happy you’re enjoying our content!🧡✨

If you’d like to learn more about African Mythology and folklore then you should definitely be following our page and if you’re in London or even the UK then come to our art exhibition: African Odyssey 8th - 14th August🫶🏾✨

Tickets to the private preview on the 8th are in our bio🎨

Oxo Tower Wharf, London SE1 9PH

#africanodyssey #mythologyart #africanart #africanmythology #mythologytiktok #blackart #mythology💯 #percyjackson #childrenofbloodandbone #orisha #orishasyyorubas😝😎📿🍀👍 #yorubatiktok #ghanatiktok🇬🇭 #artexhibiton
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