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Workout Regimen For Your Cycle 🗓 Understanding your body’s natural energy levels throughout your cycle helps you get the most out of each phase while honoring your body. Workout effectiveness differs because of the hormones that rise and fall throughout the month. When taking into consideration my cycle, I allow my body to rest when it needs to, and then I like to kick it up a notch during energized phases. 1️⃣ Menstruation 🩸: Days 1-6 Keep it moving gently to counteract cramping. 🧘‍♀️ Restorative Yoga, Walking, Jogging 2️⃣ FOLLICULAR: Days 6-13 Give it all you got and reap the rewards as estrogen rises, which gives you extra energy and stamina. 🥵 HIIT & Cardio 3️⃣ OVULATORY: Days 13-19 Longer duration of manageable intensity. 💪 Barre, Pilates, Strength Training 4️⃣ LUTEAL: Days 19-28 As estrogen decreases and progesterone rises, you might notice endurance decreasing. Stay active during this time to counteract PMS symptoms. 💫 Power Yoga, Low Intensity Hiit, Meditation There’s no right or wrong way to plan your workouts. If you’re someone that forgets to take a break, then challenge yourself to add in restorative yoga or meditations during the end of your your next literal phase and know it’s ok to slow down and recover. And if you struggle to feel motivated, then challenge yourself to schedule intense workouts during your next follicular phase to take advantage of your body’s natural energy. Not sure where to start with your home workout routine? I’ve gotchu 😉 Choose from a wide variety of Bodyweight workouts like Yoga, Barre, Pilates, HIIT, and Mobility in my @barredefinition - If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my bio & start today ❤️
Do you suffer from bloating?🤰 I struggled for years with gut issues…
🚽 Constipation
🤰 Bloating
🍕 Acne And the process of healing Took more than just information…📚
It required real accountability & support ➕Enter @heal_my_gut My program that helps women… ✅ De-bloat ✅ In just 6 weeks ✅ Without supplements A program I created purely out of my passion For helping women to break the cycle Of chronic bloating. What you get… 1️⃣ Clear answers 2️⃣ Sustainable meal strategy 3️⃣ LIVE coaching with yours truly 🙋‍♀️ ⭐️ And a community of women to support you. Ready to debloat? Apply at @heal_my-gut My next round starts January 16th!!
Join my new @barredefinition app to build a strong & flexible dancer body🔥 This week we start my 30-Day JUMPSTART JANUARY program. The perfect 20-30min workout that will leave you feeling beautiful! Tag a friend to join you!👯‍♀️ #betterposturebetterlife #posturehelp #stretchesforbeginners
Join my new @barredefinition app to build the strength and flexibility of a dancer🔥 This week we started my 30-day JUMPSTART JANUARY program. The perfect 20-30min workout that will leave you feeling beautiful! 👇Lmk how you like your first class ❤️ #barredefinition #workoutapps #barrestretch #barreabsworkout
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