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Megan McSherry - eco fashion


sustainable life & style imperfect environmentalism ✉️ katherine@thewell.agency



I saved a video on here MONTHS ago of someone painting over thrifted art / prints and I’ve been thinking about adding these 👩‍🍳😘🤌 @the1975 lyrics on top of it for a long time. I just rearranged my gallery wall and did a pedestrian job at writing something artistically on top but it’s growing on me 🤷 #the1975 #the1975paris #diyart #upcycledart #gallerywall
dyeing a purple dress a very specific shade of pink in 24 hours with avocados for @uscgphi 👀🥑 to dye something with avos- save pits and skins in the freezer (pits will make it more beige and skins will make it more pink), boil them in water for an hour+, add in the fabric, and let it sit as long as you want. then machine wash the item and voila! this works with natural materials like cotton and linen best. #avocadodye #avocados #sustainable #sustainablefashion #diyfashion
@sophiaxverde ’s birthday was literally 6 months ago so in honor of her half birthday I present to you this tiktok of me mending her skirt that she wore as a dress 🫶 #mending #sewingtiktok #sustainablefashion
Waste isn’t waste unless you waste it ♻️ #growingalmonds #ad With my DIYs and upcycling projects I always save my scraps and off-cuts to use for other projects, so I will absolutely geek out over any kind of large scale upcycling/reuse/recycling initiative. Learning more about Growing Almonds from California almond farmers definitely did not disappoint. From researching alternative uses for the hulls and shells almonds grow in (like coffee replacements and additives to extend the lifecycle of recycled plastics) to finding ways to reduce environmental impacts like water use while increasing yields, #almonds are definitely becoming my favorite plant-based protein source.
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