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It’s his fault for lookin so good all the time! 👀🔥 . . . . . #couplegoals #swolemates #marriedlife #marriedhumor #marriagehumor #fitcouple #weightlifting #womenwithmuscle #liftheavy #absbyamy  created by absbyamy with absbyamy’s original sound
Protein is SO important in your diet! It’s literally the building block of your muscles, bones, cartilage and skin.

➡️ Not only that, it is highly satiating so it helps you curb your hunger which aids in fat loss.

🤔 How much protein should you be eating?

✅ It’s recommended that you eat at least .8-1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight. So if you’re 150 pounds, aim for a minimum of 120. *My favorite sources are listed below*

*I say LEAN body weight because you need to fuel your muscle mass. If you are 250lbs, and have a significant amount of body fat, then you do not need to eat 250g protein. A good ballpark would be to aim for your “goal weight”.

➡️ If that sounds like a lot to you, I promise it gets easier as you start to put more intent behind it! It’s really easy to eat enough fat and carbs, but protein takes effort.

❓If you’re new to tracking macros, or just want to eat better overall- this is my first recommendation for you:

🔑 Keep it SIMPLE and just focus on eating enough protein!

If you can:

✅ Eat 30- 50g protein with each of your meals,
✅ Weightlift 3-5 times a week and
✅ Hit 7-10k steps daily

you’re going to start seeing some awesome results!

⭐️ Yes, it will take time and consistency, but remember…fat loss and transforming your body doesn’t have to be complicated!

Keep it simple and keep it up!

• Meat of all kind (including lunch meats, canned meats for convenience)
• Egg whites (pasteurized egg whites are easy to add into oatmeal, smoothies etc.)
• Whole eggs (+fat)
• Cottage Cheese
• Greek Yogurt
• Beans (+carbs)
• Supplements:
- @builtbar protein bars (absbyamy 10% off)
- @cleansimpleeats protein powders (absbyamy 10% off)
- @prodoughshop pancakes (absbyamy 10% off)
- Quest Protein Chips (Amazon faves story highlights)

Obviously it’s best to get your protein from real food first and supplements second, but they are convenient (and make it tasty!) in helping you reach your goal!

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