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Emcee, DJ, Filmmaker, Podcaster. This was inevitable 🤷🏾‍♂️

Hold space to properly grieve what you've lost, in order to make room for new Blessings.

It's just hair... but for a long time it was a big part of my identity... my love for the beauty of my people... my rebellion against the status quo of what is considered, "professional." When society speaks of "good hair," they aren't talking about Black folks hair. When society speaks on how to look "in order to be presentable for a job," well, my Fro was too "big" (I said too powerful). My Braids were too "thuggish" (though I graduated College with a 3.97 GPA...yes, 1 A- away from perfection). And my locs were perceived to be "untamed" (though they looked good as hell on my shoulders in a crushed velvet blazer).

Society's obsession to police Black folk's hair is weird, from our kids, to especially our Women (I've only experienced a fraction of what Black Women go through, & it was still ridiculous). But I'm fortunate to be in a position that the negative didn't impact me. Because for 20+ years, the love I received from my people in the states & internationally can never be outweighed. For 20+ years, I was able to express myself artistically through my work, my music, &, my hair by extension. For 20+ years, I made my own path, carved out my own doors, continue to build my own table. I'm proud of that.

But, on the practical side, my head became heavy. My neck started to hurt constantly. My roots were slowly breaking. These locs that once touched my waist, carried so much energy, especially from the last couple of years...various types of stresses & losses...my hair started becoming more of a burden than a source of inspiration.

What should I do?

Well, what's been speaking to me over the last few months is, if it no longer serves me on my path? Don't be afraid to let it go. Tie up all loose ends or cut them off. But to achieve this new level, I need a better me. A stronger me. And while that's not directly tied to just hair, it's about getting to root causes (no pun intended) & dealing with any issues at the source. Self care. Because from my hair to my soul, to my people around me, all I care about is health & happiness. ✊🏿

#BigChop #NaturalHair #Dreads #Bald
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