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Peejamas Potty Training Help


Potty Training Toddlers? Follow us for tips, humor and support! 🧻 Peejamas

Introducing Peejamas to a new mama that just started potty training. #bedwettinghelp #pottytrainghack #pottytrainningmom #diapersareexpensive #nomorediapers  created by Peejamas Potty Training Help with kardashianshulu’s original sound
#question from Had to bring in the big guns to help promote such an exciting new product. Is your child a heavy wetter? Now you can shop Peejamas with confidence knowing our new Booster Insert absorbs 40% additional urine ontop of our already absorbent pajamas! 🎉 ##momlife ##momtok ##toddlermom ##CapCut
Even though you may feel this on the inside, we don’t recommend responding to #pottytraining regression in this way 😅

Please realize potty regressions are
not uncommon. These setbacks are
usually temporary and can actually
be rectified quite easily and within a
reasonable time frame.
Let us know if you want a video on overcoming regression! 💩🚽#pottytraininngtips
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