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Hugo Jardin


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Message personnel à Lana Del Rey #2

Mon nouveau single LANA est disponible partout ❤️‍🔥


Dear Lana Del Rey,

A few weeks ago, I released a song addressed to you. At the time, I recorded a video message to you in which I explained that I wasn’t really talking to you, but to the icon you had created, which had been enthroned in my inner pantheon since I was a teenager. And that, for this reason, I wished never to meet the real Lana - because although this is a farewell song, in which I say goodbye to my old totems, goodbye to my past fictions, I still wanted to preserve the ideal.
Since then, I’ve listened to your latest album, “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”, and I couldn’t believe it. What a splendid synchronicity that just as you’re leaving your character, just as you’re killing Lana Del Rey, I’m saying goodbye to this icon. It’s rare for a goddess to become incarnate at the very moment when her devotee no longer has the faith to adore her.
So... goodbye Lana, and hello reality!
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