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Erin Panzarella


spiritual mentor & quantum healer. connecting you with your powerful soul gifts

⬇️Some help with feeling your feels⬇️

I'm going through a lot right now. We just put my Coco beans to sleep on Monday after nearly 14 years of being loved unconditionally and loving her with all of my heart.

I'm still feeling the immense grief of losing my mother-in-law in April, missing my Dad who finally gets to reconnect with his best friend Coconut, still sick after over a week of lots of rest, dealing with more work than ever before, and just really overwhelmed from what has been going on in life.

I am reminded of two things in this space.
#1 this too shall pass
#2 everything coming up is valid and needs to be felt

I've been in such go-go-go mode in the last few months and getting really sick and still recovering has given me space I didn't want in order to feel all of what has been unfolding. It was really easy for me to avoid with so much going on but while being sick in bed there was no where to go and nothing to do but be.

And of course, when I had the space, all the feelings came flooding to the surface.

I share this to help you remember you're not alone. Even those who seem to have it all together (i hope you know by now that I do not have it all together) are struggling too. And when we escape through distraction, the feelings don't go away, they just get buried.

This audio came up on S3x Education, one of the many shows I've been binging while being sick and it stopped me in my tracks. The perfect reminder of what has been coming up for me and I felt the need to share it here with a little bit of what my last few days has looked like. It's not pretty. But it's real.

Don't avoid the feelings.
I know they hurt.
I know they suck.
But they are a portal for us if we let them be.

I hope you give yourself permission to enter the portal that leads to your joy, even though it feels like it will never end, I promise you - so much is waiting on the otherside and the only way out is through.

Sending my love to any and everyone who needs it extra right now.

x erin

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#1 . Let go of how you think it should be...
how to do this? work with the subconscious mind & spirit. two of my favorite was to release my expectations + lean into magic.

#2 . Follow your Human Design AKA energetic blueprint that helps you uncover your natural way of flow (i have a free 12 page report to help you start - l!nk in b!0)

#3 move with your emotions - the body keeps the score. We hold onto so much and movement through kundalini & breathwork has helped me get unstuck - my FREE Un(b)lock Yourself event on 10/13 at 12PM EST is available for you to join in live or by replay - sign up at b!0

#4 get support! We're not meant to do this alone. All of my own mentors & healers have helped me immensely. I have one 1:1 mentorship opening - apply using b!0 if you want your own support from someone who's been doing this work for over a decade (meee!)

My life has been so magical even among lots of downs this year that were completely unexpected and brought me to my knees. But holding the vision for magic has helped me live the life beyond my wildest dreams. I know this is possible for you too 🤍

x erin

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pinching myself for this dreamlife I invited into my experience through energy, intentional action, and a hell of a lot of failing forward

don't sleep on your dreams
you are worthy of them
your path wants to unfold just as much as you want to walk it
keep holding the faith & trust
you are divinely led
don't ever forget it

here's some of the things i've done to bring this life from dreams to reality

1️⃣ Dropped every single action that the "experts" told me i should do that felt like a no in my system

2️⃣ doubled down on receiving - two therapists, energy healers, intentional investments in people I trust to hold space, support from loved ones - I finally learned I don't have to do it alone

3️⃣ prioritized satisfaction & peace - my signatures in human design showing me i'm in alignment

4️⃣ reframing from I should do something to knowing I GET TO. And releasing expectations on myself to "achieve an outcome". Just allowing it to unfold day by day and responding / informing my way through life moment by moment (my strategy in human design)

5️⃣ opened up to old experiences i had closed off to which brought me back to my old place of work with a TOTALLY new energy & opportunity to work remote + do great work in the world, blending the human & spirit realms by being an accountant around my spiritual business. It's literally unlocked SO much & infused my WHY of service backed into my business since I don't have to worry about money. Highly recommend 😂

6️⃣ dropped some practices to create space for life instead of being rigid in my spiritual practices and now see how much more integrated I am in my spiritual journey as a human. Haven't meditated first thing in the morning for almost a year. I feel way better living life this way.

If you want support on your own spiritual journey as a beautifully imperfectly perfecr human, i have a free 12 page human design offering that teaches you about your specific energetic blueprint in my b!0. Andddd I also have one 1:1 space open for spiritual mentorship which blends energy healing, human design, subconscious modalities, kundalini somatics, transformational coaching & mentoring - all details in bio too!

x erin

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Connecting with your highest self isn't what you may think it is. It's not about being a version that is better than what you are living out right now.

It's about dropping the narrative that any part or you is inherently "bad" which is most likely a byproduct of thought patterns you were conditioned to believe between time in the womb & the age of seven (or past lives)

Here are some ways to connect with your highest self

1️⃣ meditation: to sit with intention and listen to your thoughts. meditation is not about having NO thoughts. It's about recognizing you are separate from them since you are observing them. When you realize you are separate, the power of them goes back into your hands!

2️⃣ connecting with the knowing you are not seperate from anything: you are a soul having a human experience. you are not separate from god or the janitor. when you remember you are a part of everything, you learn that what you do impacts the world in a big way, which is true for everyone else: enter in compassion & kindness!

3️⃣ human design AKA your energetic blueprint: want tools to connect with your natural energy flow? Human design is a must! Download your free 12 page report based on your energy using the link in my bio

4️⃣ feel your feelings: ALL of them. they are not inherently bad, even the ones you've been taught not to feel. anger, sadness, grief, let it come forward. you cannot heal what you don't let yourself feel my love & healing is your direct connection to your highest self

5️⃣ eye gazing with yourself in the mirror: look at yourself. truly see your beauty. there is so much of it. when your thoughts go to criticize, reroute them in the moment- say the direct opposite. do this often. subconscious loves repetition. subconscious shifts are where real changes happen.

Which have you done?
What are you excited to do?
Let me know ↓

x erin

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Many years ago I was in the midst of paralyzing depression and anxiety

Feeling lost and confused, I was guided to my first spiritual teacher in 2010 after a few years of dabbling in spiritual concepts.

At Christmas in 2012-2014 (exact year unknown) my mom gifted me a numerology report that blew my mind, body and soul wide open.

It gave me clarity unlike ever before...
That I, had chosen to come to experience life as a human.

It wasn't random.
Divinely orchestrated.
Chosen by me and all that is.
& in that knowing, I tapped into a power I had never felt.
The power of sovereignty and choice.

So, I dove head first into any resource I could find.

Spiritual books, meditations, podcasts, courses, you name it, I've most likely read it, done it, or heard of it.

I was led to groups of people gathering with a purpose: remembering our true nature and soulful essence.

At the time, this was nearly unheard of in the West for a barely-adult white woman.

People thought I was in a cult.
People thought I had lost my mind.
Breakups, divine interventions, medical professionals worried, all people were scared of was happening to me except a selected few who knew (my mom being one of them).

So, I went the route of forgoing my humanness in the name of spirituality.

Body neglected.
Spiritual bypassing galore.
Manifestation without inspired action.
You name it, I walked around it.

It helped me a lot in the beginning.
But then the elements of being a human shouted WHAT ABOUT ME?

I had to go in.
I had to remember my humanness.
I had to do the damn work as a human walking step by step instead of a person trying to ascend and go to other realms.

And everything changed from there.
The spiritual concepts that once led me had a deeper more embodied meaning. The results and physical proof started to roll in.

The beauty and indescribable gratitude of being a human filled with so much darkness and infinite light became so apparent to me.

And this is my wish for you.
To know that your humanness isn't a curse, but the blessing of a lifetime.

If you want to embody this knowing, Upgrade Your Energetics is the place to do just that.

Doors close 9.10.
Claim your spot below.
Five spots remain.
Bonus worth more than your investment available for the next three people who pay in full.
Payment plans of just $199.90 with no added cost to the PIF price.

Link in bio

x erin
I used to have a HUGE sister wound

I wouldn't let myself open up with other women because it didn't feel safe

I didn't trust other women because I didn't trust myself


these were all energies that came forward when I thought of connecting with other women

Now I know that sacred sisterhood is one of the most important elements of my life

When I allow myself to be open and fully myself with other women, I heal old versions of me that didn't feel good enough or accepted. I heal past generations of women. I heal future ones. I heal my ancestry & my lineage. And me being embodied in this energy also helps other women heal.

My work is ALL about building community with women because I know how vital it is

I know the power that women hold when we come together fully as we are

I know we will heal the world & it starts with us

There is so much more to come about this last week but I needed this to live on my feed because it literally fills me with the most joy watching it. You can feel the love & connection in it but the real potency is impossible to put into words.

If you're looking for community, I got you. I have a free community for spiritual women where you can connect with other sisters on the healing path & get free tools to support you on your healing journey. Link is in my b!0 🔗🔗

And a huge thank you to @natalunastudios for meeting us in this energy & capturing our magic 🤍

x erin

#sacredsisterhood #youarepowerful #sistercircle #soulcalling #risesisterrise #groundyourself #embracechange #soulpreneur #ownyourpower #raiseyourvibration #youareworthy #stepintoyourpower #trustyourgut #highvibetribe #trustyourintuition #highvibe #innerjourney #innerlight #soulpurpose #circleofwomen #womencircle #earthmedicine #groundingenergy #modernmystic #connectedness #womenscircles #energyhealing #sacredspace #divinefeminine #goddessenergy
In our first opening circle last night we reflected on what the last six month has been like on our journey of @iamkcvolard 's Trifecta Alchemy Certification Program.

I loved the fact we all came up with different words to encapsulate it. Mine was surrender.
Another's Grace.

I could go on and on about the beautiful words these women shared in our circle.

When tapping into mine I shared how many of them may not know me or my face. I haven't been active in live participation. Getting married. A sudden loss of my MIL. My own business. New consulting. Lots of connection in real life. My energy required me to be elsewhere.

On my end though, I've been doing the work of the certification in my own timing. I know what showing up when I can't be there energetically does for me so I decided to surrender to the divine timing.

Now we're all here and I am immensely grateful I didn't say no out of shame for not being on the calls.

We get to connect, chant, hug, share, love, cry, scream & move in person together and it is magical already.

I know the power of retreats with Women. The last one I attended led to the most incredible connections with women I talk to regularly. It has brought so much love into my life & I am so passionate about gathering women together in person & this experience just solidified that knowing in less than 24 hours that this is the next level of my own business.

So i'll be here, soaking up the beauty of this holy ground in Canada while I connect with other women & watch the magic unfold in the most divine way.

I cannot wait to see what happens & how I can serve my community even deeper when I come home.

x erin

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