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Smugglers Runs


Smugglersruns.com The premier on-road / off-road rally.



Rogue elves did a smash and grab job on Santa's Workshop at the North Pole. THE BIG MAN has called in the help of the SMUGGLERS to track down the toys and help him deliver them to kids in need of some Christmas cheer. We have intel that the Rogue elves have stashed the toys at multiple drop points and it will be the SMUGGLERS job to follow the clues to the various drop points and deliver the toys in time to the PURIST Toy Drive.   30 rigs will be chosen to participate in this on-road /off-road rally that will have each SMUGGLER collect toys to be given to kids in need and end at the Annual PURIST Winter Toy Drive one of Southern Califronia's most prestigious car shows. SMUGGLERSS RUNS will have a curated section of the premium off-road rigs. Sign up to reserve your spot in this exclusive event. Registration submissions close November 30th and selections will be made on December 1st. @rebel_offroad @puristgroup @Magnaflow @Anderson Composites @juanestrada411411 @bajadesignsofficial  created by Smugglers Runs with perfectpanda's Hard rock, rock Christmas songs(910844)
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