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FreddyG Comedian


NYC Standup Comic with over 40 mil views on social media Full Standup Set⬇️



Guys keep your glasses on. Collab wirh @passiveabrasive . #girlswithglases #guyswithglassses #nerdyguy #sketchcomedy #redbeard #dorky

I actually have needed glasses since I was 12 but I thought they would make me unattractive to women. I only started wearing them regularly when I was 26 and my girlfriend told me I looked better with them on. We have now been married for ten years.
Happy #piday hope you enjoy this math joke. Too much of education is about memorizarion instead of obtaining actual wisdom. I tutored math for years.

#matheducation #mathteacher #irrationalnumbers #oneliners #piday2023 #piday2023challenge
What do they spray? Collab w Laura Merli (@passiveabrasive ) See us both do standup on Feb 25 in Queens. (See bio)

Exterminators in NYC are so weird. A stranger knocks on the door of to your New York apartment at a random time each month and asks if you want them to spray something in a mysterious canister. You don’t know what it is but you know it’s definitely poisonous. #newyorkcity #exterminator #bugsoftiktok #sketchcomedy #ericadams
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