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Artistic revolt🤘🏾African liberation lives. Change is a 🌊 https://nicokali.com



Do we wonder why 🎵 across the Sahel 🇲🇱🇳🇪🇳🇬sounds like home? There’s a bittersweet journey for your answer. Join @Black Rockers United to find out more Black music (and people’s) history! #BRU #BlackRockersUnited #Africanlegacy #Songhaï #Tamasheq #Africa #AfricanAmerican #doubleconsciousness created by NicoKaliLand with NicoKaliLand's original sound
#BRU crew is back, N. Kali just took a temp hiatus! 🎸 Sheer Terror, Rebelmatic and End It just played The Meadows! Robert Cray performs on Sunday! More shows TBA! #rock #metal
Okay, who said y’all could go off like this on Friday the 13th?! @Lingua Ignota , Winter Wolf, Non-Residents, PsyOp, Burning Witches, All That Remains, But, Pyrite 🤘🏾🔥 do your rockin’ thing. #rock
So are we kickin’ ass this weekend or what, #BRU crew? Talkin’ @bondbreakr , Ho99o9/Blkvapor once again, @Blac Rabbit , Rebelmatic and Madame St. B all this weekend! 🤯🤘🏾🗣🖤 #rock
Can’t believe @Madame St. Beatrice , The Wailers, Zulu, Sepultura, Oxymorrons and Mega Colossus are rockin’ in the same week! Major vibes. I hope you support the crew. 🎵🤘🏾🎸🗣 #rock #metal
Welcome to Nicole Kali’s TikTok! You will see @blackrockersunited art/posts but mostly antifascist, Afrogoth stuff by me. Resist! #blackrockersunited
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