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Black Girl living In Bali


*I AM THE NICHE* MI Raised 📍Bali living❤️. Dropshipping/Bali Guide info⬇️

How will I get around?” Get you a private driver, rent a scooter or walk it’s simple.

Just imagine the financial burden that would lift for so many Americans not needing a car, car payments, insurance, tags & let’s not forget the toll fees in Texas & other states.
& also feeling like your behind in life because you don’t have a Benz,challenger srt etc..
If you DO NOT have a car Ubers are high , family members do not want to lend you a ride . You might miss a few days from your 9-5 & get fired now you can’t pay your rent & we all know what next can happen the United States has made us citizens so dependent on simple things your life can crash without it.
In Bali Indonesia it’s very affordable to get from A to B . A lot of ppl walk to get around as well. In the United States if you are seen walking they automatically think you are a Bvm. So the way we are raised/taught/think plays a big part in our demise as well ppl are even ashamed to catch the city bus. I can go in & on but I’m sure you can understand my message.
Start that online business, start that investment, start researching, start doing whatever it is you need to do to put yourself in a comfortable position to just live life without having to worry & stress. Let me show you my drop shipping techniques making $ completely from your phone.
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