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Dr. Pezzini


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I just watched “Killers of the Flower Moon” by Italian American and Native American producer and actors.

I can’t stomach thinking, hearing, seeing any aggression towards any living being, including all animals, insects and the Ultimate living being, which is the Earth itself. I don’t condone any violence, terror, and that’s why I have been vegan most of my life and I am as eco as possible.

And knowledge is power. We all are ignorant about many things, and especially history because there is no way we can know and know factually the history of billions of people and millions of years. Yes?

I am personally not religious nor political, because of the same reason; we don’t know the politics of the grocery store down the street, so how can we know the politics of countries?

I know though, from practicing the science of psychology for over 25 years, that we All want/need the same things:
love/belonging, enough money to live a comfortable life, safety, fulfillment/actualization. So let’s be united, not separated by skin color, preference of faith, etc.

Unfortunately there is mental illness in almost every human, at some point in life. Which often goes untreated.

You see it in this movie, you see it now in the world, in current wars, etc. Goals, sense of power, diversity is MisUsed, instead of being utilized for our common good, those things above that we all want.

When I first moved to the USA for school and work, I took Native American history and did get discriminated against because of fellow Italian Christopher Columbus and the meaning of Thanks Giving…

Let films, movies like this empower us to choose ethical and healthy goals (improving lives) vs. mob, corruption, wars for oil, greed, land (we are all born citizens of the Earth with the right to learn and be healthy).

Choose Love and Honesty always.
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