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Cozy Apparel


Chronicles of a Small Business Owner

I think it's time I make an official introduction. I really debated on this one but here it is. Hello world! #newbeginnings  #introvideo  created by Cozy Apparel with Cozy Apparel’s original sound
#duet with @victoriaalxndr I broke the filter! it's broken yall. πŸ˜©πŸ˜…
#CapCut It's terrible how easily annoyed I get. It's something I need to work on.
It stemmed from having to repeat myself over and over again to multiple doctors and student doctors when dealing with my son that has special needs. With some much medical history to cover, out of pure exhaustion, it was not ideal to talk to them. #smallbusinessownerchronicles #personalshare
Replying to @lmax927 ginger and tumeric shots every day have helped me with inflammation particularly in my knees. I juice a bunch of ginger and tumeric root. 1 whole lemon. an apple because the ginger and tumeric can be rough on my older juicer. I cut it with orange juice because its so stong and I can stretch it out. #thingsiwishiknewsooner #healthhack #juicing
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