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✨witchy soaps made w/ full moon water & herbal infusions✨oddities/vintage items✨


Historical Cemetery

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✨Market Season✨

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Salem, MA

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Beach Witch Breasts

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Witchy Aesthetic 🖤

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Soap Making Storytimes

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Does anyone else rescue old photos from antique shops and estate sales? Bring these people home for fifteen doll hairs a piece, I promise they’re not haunted…. #hauntedphoto #hauntedhousewares #hauntedpictures
This place is a #NewEngland gem- every time I go here I feel like I won the lottery. I have a collection of old medical books from here tied with twine, eucalyptus and a selenite crystal, it could be yours…. 📚
BLACKFRIDAY is here! With the #tiktokshopshutdown looming on the biggest shopping day of the year I know a lot of people are scrambling. Stick to your own shopping platforms, create your own product, respect copywrites and don’t forget the soap. 🫧🧼
WHO WANTS ONE! Well, I’m getting back to normal in the world of #soapmaking and this color did me so dirty! Talk about morphing… this chocolate brown turned into what I can only describe as baby poop. 🤎🧡 who wants one!? They smell divine 🤣 #soapfail
#stitch with @Vanessa Arias I mean, I usually work weekends but on my days off you best believe I’m in my @The Comfy doing naaaadaaaaa ♥️ #TheComfy #StayHomeClub
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