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7 Days of Play


👋 I’m Michelle Fun ideas & tips for parents! 📧 7daysofplay@ttpmtalent.com



What a fun Valentine’s Day keepsake gift! 💝I used shrinky dink paper for this one, but if you have any number 6 plastic in your recycling bin, you can use that too! I love how this shrunk down to a perfect credit card size so that whenever grandma is in her wallet, she can see this and be reminded of her grand baby’s love! 😍 Keep on reading for the easy step by step instructions. Have a question? Drop it in the comment section or I respond to direct messages on insta! 🙌Check back daily for more fun ideas! - And if you are new here, hi 👋 I’m Michelle! If you want more of a glimpse into our personal life, check out @7daysofmichelle! - WHAT YOU’LL NEED • acrylic paint  • paint brush • shrinky dink paper or number 6 plastic • permanent marker - HOW TO (1) Use acrylic paint to make a handprint on a shrinky dink sheet or number 6 plastic. This will be the O for the word LOVE!
(2) Write the letters LVE in permanent marker. (3) In a preheated oven of 325F, place the sheet on a foil lined tray. (4) Bake for 1-3 minutes. If you want to make this into a keychain, punch a hole prior to baking! - #valentinescrafts #kidscrafts #babykeepsake #kidactivities #artsandcrafts
💎 Kid-Made Crystals! Before you swipe past this post, because you think making crystals is too hard, STOP! 🛑 Let me tell you, it is SO easy and the results are ahhhhmazing! 🤩 My kids pretty much think rocks, gems and crystals are the coolest things ever, with a particular love for geodes! ✨ (A rock with quartz crystals inside!). So we decided to grow some of our own! 🤗 The process is super simple, so if you have rock fanatics like me, this is a must-do! 👍 Read on below👇 for the easy how-to instructions. Any questions at all? Drop them in the comment section below or I respond to direct messages on insta! Check back daily for more fun ideas! - WHAT YOU’LL NEED • Pipe cleaners • Craft stick • 4 cups Boiling water • 1 and 1/4 cup Borax (check stories for link!) • Glass jar with wide opening - (1) Shape the pipe cleaners in whatever shape you like. My kids wanted to make their crystals look like geodes, so they swirled the center and made a brown frame on some. But you could do lots of shapes, like hearts, a snowflake, you name it!
(2) Using another pipe cleaner, hang your shape to a craft stick;
(3) Into your glass jar, pour the boiling hot water and mix the borax until it is dissolved;* (4) Place the pipe cleaner into the borax solution, making sure that it is fully submerged and not touching any edges. The craft stick should be holding it in place. (5) Leave the jar overnight, making sure not to disturb it. (6) Once the crystals are formed, remove it from the solution, dry it and enjoy the beautiful homemade crystals! - *⚠️ Caution: The boiling water and mixture with borax should be done by an adult! Borax should not be ingested. ⚠️ - #stemforkids #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #scienceathome #scienceexperiments @7daysofmichelle
Here’s a super quick way to make rainbow pasta! 🌈 Save this video and keep reading so you remember the step by step directions below 👇! And if you are new here, hi 👋 I’m Michelle and this is Poppy who is 4 years old. I love to share fun things you can do with kids on @7daysofplay and even more easy recipes and tips for parents over on @7daysofmichelle ! - Poppy is in a real rainbow phase right now, so this is the first of many rainbow food posts you’ll see from us! We’ve done the more natural version of making homemade pasta and kneading in spinach, beets, and other natural colors into the dough itself, but that takes far too long for this mama of 4, so we used food coloring instead (you can get a plant based food coloring from Whole Foods). - HOW TO
(1) Cook the pasta; (2) Divide into how many colors you want to make; (3) In a sealable container, put the pasta and 5-10 drops of food coloring depending on how vibrant you want it! (4) Shake for a minute and you’ll have a colorful batch of pasta! (5) Repeat for all the colors. If the color is coming off of the pasta too much, you can always rinse it under water before serving. - #cookingwithkids #activitiesforkids #foodforkids #lifewithkids #littlechef
Call me crazy, but I think this DIY birthday garland is friggin adorable! 😆 Save this video so you can remember the step by step directions below👇. And if you are new here, hi 👋 I’m Michelle, I’m a mom of 4, and I love sharing fun things to do with kids. I also share parent tips, hacks, and recipes over at @Michelle ! - How to Make a Picture Garland (1) I uploaded all the photos into photoshop and used the Quick Selection Tool to select, copy, and paste just her face into a blank project, fitting 2 on each page. - (2) I used thick water color paper for more durability but you could also laminate. - (3) I printed 14 photos, so we could see her face change throughout the year. - (4) Then I cut the faces out and taped them to a thick piece of string. But you could hole punch and thread through too. - (5) I taped it up and that was it. It was so silly and cute. - #firstbirthday #diymom #partyideas #diypartydecor #crafty
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