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Dr. Marci


Restoring Health, Metabolism and Balance to the Body Naturally.


Gut health

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Nail Health Matters

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Reactive Hypoglycemia

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Low Testosterone & ED

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Habits of health

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Adrenal Fatigue

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The paperwork is LONG created by Dr. Marci with Dr. Marci’s original sound

Stop blaming the party you dont like. This is 2 decades plus worth of garbage treatment of your provider

#greenscreen its written into the contract. They can not sue them.
Replying to @Greg Powers480 cold plunges when done correctly can raise T. But most people are doing it wrong

Replying to @Homeslicegolf vitamin d is needed for testosterone
Replying to @bigdogdad17 not treating a medical emergency is negligent

X4 a med thats steadily causing a bigger problem

Also negligent

Replying to @Homeslicegolf heres a few recent pieces of literature. On teh 50s, they ised to replace 2 days of PE with uv light therapy in canada, russia and other parts of Europe. They are trying to fet it implemented in alaska too. But keep telling me idk what in doing. Its fine

UV exposure does not caise skin cancer
Your toxic environment and food does

#healthcoachmarci #guthealthmatters #metabolichealth #mindsetmatters
Replying to @Homeslicegolf not so credible. Really? Hmmm. How are you producing vit d this time of year
Replying to @Da truth ideal testicular temperature is 87-96 degrees. 93 degrees to produce sperm.
#healthcoachmarci #guthealthmatters #metabolichealth #mindsetmatters
Replying to @mark.j.simo people who don’t do research and are just keyboard warriors make for the best follow up videos. Thanks

Cold plunge early in the day before work out of any kind to improve testosterone not at end of day

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