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BrittanyNP〰️Gut/Hormone Health


✨The Fatigue FIXX✨ ⬆️Energy⬆️Moods⬆️Clarity⬆️Vitality Free Masterclass 👇🏻



Sunshine and walking are two of the best forms of medicine! Plus it’s completely free!!! If you are needing a pick-me-up, go outside and get some fresh air. You can thank me later! 😘 #chronicfatigue #vitaminddeficiency #exerciseathome  created by BrittanyNP〰️Gut/Hormone Health with Ellen Once Again's Good Vibes (Instrumental)
#duet with @tristanisloved #mom
Exhausted no matter how manyvhours tou sleep? You drink endless pots of coffee but still crash during the day?
I get it! I was incebinbthese shoes until i discovered the real cause if #chronicfatigue I now help other #exhaustedmoms beat fatigue and reclaim their life. Check out my free masterclass The Fatigue FIXX.
Replying to @ahhrison4 at times people need to work on increasing cortisol because they are burnt out! They are exhausted! They have been under so much stress their body doesn’t know how to function!! Their adrenal function is impaired which can lead to autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, hormone imbalances etc. It’s important to have the right amount of cortisol at the right time!
Want to check your cortisol levels? We can test for that!!
#cortisolimbalance #allwaystired #anxietyhelp #momlifebelike #exhaustedmom #hormoneimbalance
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The TSH is not a good indication of thyroid function. I always check a complete thyroid panel with antibodies when assessing they thyroid. If your provider does not do this, and you still feel like crap, it’s time to find someone that will listen and assess the entire picture. To work 1:1 with me & improve your health, click the link in bio and apply today! Let’s begin your journey to health!!🤍#normallabsdonotmeanhealthy #thyroidproblems #hashimotos #womenshealthcare #medicalgaslighting #hormonebalance
#duet with @embodiedbelly #healthcareptsd
Sooner or later, patients get pushed to their limits! This is not acceptable care!! You deserve to be heard!💗
#womenshealth ##normallabsdonotmeanhealthy #medicalgaslighting
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