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12 Hour Sound Machines


12 hours of uninterrupted Sound Machines. https://pod.link/148123968

In the vast realm of sound therapy, binaural beats is a fascinating method designed to influence our brain's activities. But what exactly are binaural beats?
These are auditory illusions perceived when two slightly different frequencies are played separately into each ear.

The brain naturally tries to bridge the gap between the two frequencies, and in doing so, it creates a third, internal tone called a binaural beat. This process is known as 'frequency following response.' Essentially, our brainwaves synchronize with this frequency, leading to various states of consciousness.

Some of the benefits of Binaural Beats are:
➡️ Relaxation and Meditation: Certain binaural beats can promote relaxation, making them ideal for meditation sessions.
➡️ Improved Sleep: Binaural beats in the delta frequency can potentially help induce sleep.
➡️ Enhanced Focus: Alpha and beta binaural beats can aid in concentration and alertness.
➡️ Stress Reduction: By promoting relaxation, binaural beats can help reduce anxiety and stress.

For the best experience, it's recommended to use headphones, as this ensures each ear hears only its designated frequency. Choose a comfortable setting, free of distractions, and let the beats play in the background while you work, meditate, or sleep.

Whether you're looking to relax, focus, or even drift into sleep, there's likely a binaural beat frequency to assist you. And we've got plenty to choose from. Check out our full list at '12 Hour Sound Machines (no loops or fades)' wherever you get your podcasts.
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