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001 Skincare London


Global-awarded British Skincare East meets West performance www.001skincare.com

Gua Sha Cheekbone Lift in Under 10 Seconds ⏰ Steps: 1. Pinch the cheekbones to get blood circulation going 2. Decongest and drain excessive fluids  3. Lift & sculpt @ada.ooi is using our microSculptor® No.3 The Three Slopes - which is designed to fit precisely with every facial contour to perform both a stimulating and relaxing massage across the face, neck, jawline and décollete while ergonomically sitting comfortably in the hand. Shop via the link in our Instagram bio for our microSculptor® No.3 The Three Slopes Gua Sha 🔗 Worldwide Shipping available 📦 #001skincare #001london #001skincarelondon #chinesemedicine #tcm #guashatips #cheekbonelift #under10seconds  #skinconcernseries #totteatfromwithin created by 001 Skincare London with Sickickmusic’s original sound
We loved having #irislaw stop by our clinic last month for #fashionweek ❤️ see you soon.

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The #antioxidants we ❤️ in our family.

Which do you use in your skincare?

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